Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Magic Jack - nice product horrible support

I bought a new iphone for my wife today and installed Magic Jack on it. When you download the free app from iTunes there is choice to make free outgoing calls or to sign in if you a customer. My wife does not need to receive incoming calls. I should have stuck with the free version. So I logged in with my account info an now when someone calls my Magic Jack number it rings on both phones. Magic jack only has online support. (Clue one  as to bad support) I asked them if there was a way to revert back to the free app. NO. You have to upgrade and buy a new number. There are multiple choices on their site - US #, CDN, #, and an option to upgrade the iPhone app. I was asking which one was I supposed to use for my iphone and all the support person said was "yes." Huh? that did not answer my question at all. He then used poor english. I asked if he was in India... I guess that was the wrong thing to say. The support person then ened the chat without warning. This short conversation below took almost 40 min since I would type something and then wait for him to get back to me. The support people  should only be chatting wit one person at a time but I think they are not. I used to work incoming tech support for DSL problems. I would never have tried to do more than one conversation at a time.  Magic Jack is a good product but you get what you pay for. Horrible support. 

On a side not I had a problem with my Magic Jack this last spring. The tech told me try a couple things and ended up messing with my OSX operating system. I should never had listened to him. I ended up reformatting my mac and installing OSX again. 

Moral of the story buy a magic jack for cheap calling but pray it never has any problems.


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You are now chatting with 'Aram'
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Aram: Hello, how may I help you?
Troy: Hello. I have a new iphone and am giving my old one to my wife. I have MJ setup on both phones and when someone calls my number it now rings on my wife phone at the same time (my old phone) is there a way to revert the MJ app to the free version from my paid version?
Aram: hi there
Troy: She does not need to get calls from my MJ number.
Aram: I see, seems like both phones has the same number
Aram: The only resort for this, Troy, is to ugprade your wife's  magicjack application as well
Aram: to change the number
Aram: Would that be okay for you?
Troy: Yes. Hers does not need a number. it would be rare she ever used it. the free version would work fine for her since she does not need to have incoming calls.
Troy: Is there a way to revert the app on her phone to the fee version?
Troy: free version?
Troy: I tried selecting US phone number free on the phone numbers tab in the my.magicjack site but it will not let me do that.... any help with this would be great.
Troy: hello?
Aram: yes, I'm looking for your account
Troy: ok thanks. the username is troy@ehdesign.ca
Troy: if I add a second phone number can I assign that to my old phone? What is the cost on that?
Aram: I see, just found your account, and both the have the same number as with your magicjack device
Aram: What I can suggest you is you to purchase a new number for your device
Aram: since you can assign it on your Iphone
Troy: I would like to keep the number I have now on my phone. My wife doe sno need a number. the free version would work fine since she does not need to have incoming calls. Is there a way to do that?
Aram: As much as I would like too, Troy, but the phone number is only available during registration process
Aram: for new devices
Troy: She does not need a phone number. She will never receive incoming calls.
Troy: so can you or can't you switch the app on her phone from the paid version (that is now on my phone) to a version with no number? ie - the way it is when you first download the app?
Troy: to be able to make calls but not receive them?
Aram: It's not possible, Troy, once the application is registered, it's not possible to be revert anymore
Troy: So if I had decided to sell my iphone instead of giving it to my wife it would have screwed over the next user? That is the most retarded system I have ever heard of.
Troy: Ok then tell me this.... what is the difference between upgrading my iphone app or getting a new US number?
Troy: they are both $10.
Aram: To get a US Free Number, only processing fee applies which is for $10
Aram: and has no annual payments
Troy: so is that the number option or the app option? if you do the app option can she receive incoming calls on her iphone?
Aram: Yes ofcourse
Troy: wow. you still did not answer my question.... for incoming call do I need to purchase a new number or do the upgrade to the app?
Aram: Please look
Aram: If you will avail the App upgrade, the number assigned would also be changed
Troy: if I avail? what are you in india or something?
Aram: I believe that I have already provided you all the information needed; I would like to ask permission to end this conversation with you. Thank you.
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